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The Anand district was found on 2-10-97 i.e.on Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday from heather to exiting Kheda district. In Anand District, according to the year 2001 census literary ratio of male is 86.31% where as female literacy ratio is 62.54% and total literacy ratio is 74.75 %. The women average literacy ratio is 71.34% in Anand district. The same is 52.34% in Tarapur taluka Anad is considered as N.R.I district highly educated and least educated villages exist in this district. The district administration since years is making efforts to encourages girl child’s education in primary schools, So as to gradually reduce the average difference of 35% education ratio between men and women. At present there are only 17 village having less than 35 women literacy ratio. There is not a single village with less than 27% women literacy ratio. Looking at this, the Anand district's contribution in education field is well spread, large and important.
Anand district's primary education framework consists of 8 (eight) talukas, 20 Bits and 125 pay centers. B.R.C and C.R.C centers are 08 and 125 respectively. The district primary education network covers total 1034 schools. The member of students studing in primary schools having standard 1 to 7 are 10827 which in clouds girls and boys of schedule caste, 4497 including boys and girls of Schedule Tribe categories. In this way the total number of students is 230618 which shows good progress in the field of primary education.
The children are given diverse education in district primary schools. To teach children with joy and cheer and to keep them informed, internship activities like children festival, children games competition, science festival, cultural program like dance and garba, exhibition of teaching instruments, months competition, etc. are arranged. Thus the primary education base in the district is strong.

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