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Knowledge of computer

According to the approach of the Gujarat government and the suggestion from the government, all the Primary School have been included under the computer project. This is to enhance the skills and knowledge of the students.
An effort has been made to provide computer education to the students through donation of computer from the donors of the district primary schools. The government provides 1 computer against 1 donated through the 1:1 project. The schools are provided computers through the donation against which the government also provides the computer for which such a procedure is carried out.
Computer education is provided to students by training the teachers by the District Primary Education.
In 58 Primary Schools the facility of computer lab has been provided by the Sarve Shikshan Abhiyan. Intel education provides training to teachers from M.T. level, teachers to all the teachers to give knowledge of computers. In this way teachers are able to provide the knowledge of computers to their students.

Last Update : 11/2/2014

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