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Branch Activities

Enlightening people
Level of education among majority of Indian population is very low. This has resulted in to superstitions. People think that a child is a gift of God and to intervene into the process of child birth is a sin. Due to such beliefs, family planning has not been adopted on a large scale in our country. It is therefore very necessary to create awareness about family planning in the first place. It is essential to create mass awareness through education and convince people to adopt family planning and inculcate among them the understanding as to how the country can be led on to the path of progress.
Group publicity
This is as important a programme as educating people. Group publicity is organized at the village level by congragating VIPs of the village, talukas, district and the state and also eminent doctors. They are provided important information abouthow important family planning is and what should be done to adopt it. While organizing such publicity campaign, people are provided necessary aids and assistance.
Cultural programme
It is still believed in our country that a child is the gift of God and to prevent the birth of a child amounts to committing a sin. The country should be liberated from such misconception and a climate conducive for family planning should be created. To this end, cultural programmes are organized to impart health education.
Slide shows
Information regarding the importance of adopting family planning and the facilities available for it are provided though slide shows in cinema halls, Documentary films are also shown. T.V. is very popular among people and therefore slide shows, documentary films and programmes of short duration are telecast on local / regional channels. A character like "Rangalo" tells much about this topic in a few words.

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