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Under this program, children of 0-1 age group, are given vaccinations as per the time alloted, against 6 total diseases like child tuberculosis, child paralysis, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and measles. During pregnancy, the pregnant mother is given ‘Tetanus’ vaccination, so that after pregnancy, the mother or the child does not suffer from ‘Tetanus’ disease.
The health activity started since the mother becomes pregnant. The vaccination of “Dhanur” is given to the pregnant ladies at the primary health centers. Also, management is made for B.C.G. oral polio and ‘Triguni’ vaccines after the birth of the child. Also, this vaccination is given from time to time, until the child grows up. Apart from this, the health employees also provide vaccinations for hepatitis, malaria and other such infectious diseases.
Vaccination Dose
D.P.T 3 doses are given until the child turns 1 years old.
Polio Small children are given 3 doses of  O.P.V. along with ‘Triguni’ vaccination.
D.T. Vaccination (Diphtheria, Tetanus) Vaccines are given to 5 year old children to avoid diseases like diphtheria and Dhanur (Tetanus)
B.C.G. This is a vaccination to resist the disease of tuberculosis. This vaccine is given once from a child’s birth till he/she turns 12 months old.
Measles 9-12 months old children are given one dose of this vaccination.

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