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Branch Activities

Branch Activities
Active and passive surveillances are carried out though PHCs, CHCs Civil Hospital and voluntary organisations of the district and blood samples of patients with symptoms of fever are taken and tested in a laboratory and if found positive, they are provided radical treatment. Monitoring and cross-checking are also done.
Years Population During Month - June Progressive
Monthly Target BSC POST PF Monthly Target BSC POST PF
2009 1960545 24507 40065 15 2 294082 187781 523 12
2010 1969712 24621 26171 52 2 295457 149109 146 8
Medicated mosquito net
Distribution of medicated mosquito net, free of cost, to all the pregnant women registered during Mamata days in the district.
The task of providing medicinal coat to one lac mosquito nets, received from State Govt., and distribute them free of cost at the rate of one net per 2.5 persons in sensitive villages.
To provide medicinal coat to people's own mosquito nets free of cost.
Received from State Govt & Disttributed in 2008 1000000 Medicated mosquito nets-2009
To pregnant women 48450 38798
To sensitive villages 51550 102531
People's own mosquitoes 60752
Total 100000 202081

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