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Branch Activities

Important resolution related to panchayat are passed in the general meeting and managing committee. The responsibility of the implementation of these resolutions is of this branch. This is considered to be a very important task.
Task of observation
This branch makes note of the modelling of the taluka panchayat and the managing committee and makes necessary observations. It checks the legal implications of the decisions taken. It connects the taluka panchayats in this way. The panchayats are run by democratic method. So to have a no-confidence motion against the taluka panchayat President , to remove the Vice-President, member, etc. from the Post, to remove the Sarpanch, Vice-Sarpanch, member under the G.P. Act sub section 57 (1), under the G.P. Act sub section -59(1) to dismiss the Sarpanch, Vice-Sarpanch, member from the post, dissolution of the gram panchayat, etc. are maters that have to function according legal comedies.
To carry out tasks like a search against the President / Vice President / members /Sarpanch etc. of the taluka panchayat. appointment of the penal advocate and to carry out tasks, related to the taluka panchayat cases under trial in the court.
Under the Gujarat panchayat sub clause 1993 under section 77 the election of the President, Vice President of the panchayat has to be carried out. Tasks like the dismissal of the Sarpanch, Vice Sarpanch, member from the post according to the Gujarat panchayat sub clause -1993 under section 57(1), 59(1) have to be performed. To make needful guidance. Also the task of appointing /promoting / terminating a talati / minister has to be undertaken. Activities like the training of the President / Vice-President / members / Sarpanchs, etc. of the district / taluka and organizing educational tours have to be carried out.

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