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At the district level the panchayat is considered to be an important branch. All the activities under the district panchayat are carried out with the co-ordination of the panchayat. In short the panchayat has control over the administration of administration. Apart from this the administrative activities of the President. Vice President, members, Sarpanchs , etc, are carried out through this branch. Training of officers, division of gram panchayat, land revenue grant, funds and various other activities are carried out by this branch. Also the tasks that are not allotted to other branches are undertaken by this branch. In this way the panchayat keeps the entire administration in action. The activities carried out by this branch are as under.
General meeting, tasks related to the managing committee important resolution related to panchayat are passed in the general meeting and managing committee. The responsibility of the implementation of these resolutions is of this branch. This is considered to be a very important task.

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