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In May- 1960 the Gujarat state announced as a separate state from the Mumbai state, By this department there were many schemes has been starting for the welfare of schedule cast of state, after the Gujarat state established as a separate state.
The scheme for development of scheme cast is divided in to five group as under.
1 Education scheme
  This plan includes different kind of scholarships, loan/help for higher study in abroad, donation to hostel, ashram schools, Aadershnivasi school, and award for special contribution in field of social welfare.
2 The scheme for financial rise
  This scheme includes “Human Respect” plan loan/help to doctors/advocates, training of tailoring for women, different corporation of schedule cast, the loan/help to small merchant to for shop
3 Health, house making and other scheme
  These schemes includes, medical help, balvadis, the building construction of Dr.Ambedkar Awas, “satphera group marriage, social educational camp and bijrup estimation certificates
4 Administrative and suggestive schemes
  These schemes includes civil right Act,1955, prevention fo AtrocitiesAct, 1989, propagandist to valmiki welfare, computerization at all level
5 Poverty vanish programs schemes
  These schemes includes donation to hostel, financial help/loan to small diligent for shop, and free medical help.

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