It has been decided to select gram mitra with a lump-sum honorarium of Rs.1000 with an intention to ensure that citizens living in villages of the State may avail information of various development schemes and efficient, educated and enthusiastic youths may join constractively in the development of the village community inspired by the state govt.
It has been planned to appoint 5(five) gram mitras at every panchayat by may, 2007. These gram mitres will be called (1) gram mitra (Agriculture), (2) gram mitra (education), gram mitra (health), (4) gram mitra (development) and (5) gram mitra (human welfare). Information of job-chart of these gram mitras is as under.
(1). Gram mitra (Agriculture)
To inform fernery/beneficiaries regarding agriculture, horticultare, animal husbandry, and fishers regarding schemes of assistance.
The farmers should be given knowledge and understanding to use drip irrigation to maximum extent and create public awareness.
To form drip irrigation, irrigation cooperation societies, milk cooperative societies and to give them guideance.
The farmers should be given knowledge of modern agricultural practice, so that agricultural and horticultural production may increase.
The farmers should be given information of various programmer for treatment of animal and to improve animal breeds and propagate and spread animal vaccination.
To distribute soil health card/kinsmen credit card.
To remain present in animal husbandry camps, fairs, cattle and gram sabha.
To include village people in agricultural festivals programmes.

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